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Childcare Connect
Child Care Reimagined

One Human Service Network (OneHSN) has reimagined child care and is supporting modernization at all levels of the childcare system by providing well-designed information systems and dedicated support for families, service providers, system managers and legislators.

Childcare Connect™ exists to advance the collection and management of child care services and data.

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One Human Service Network

Improving Human

A healthy, civil society understands the highest most noble cause is the active work of improving human well-being. Every person in need deserves a helping hand. Despite the challenges we face, we persevere and commit to continuous improvement.

The vision of OneHSN is “Improved Human Well-being”. It is our mission to transform human services through partnership and innovation so people who give and receive services can be connected seamlessly and efficiently.

In particular, OneHSN is focused and committed to improving the well-being of children. We aim to highlight some of what we have learned and developed to advance this cause. The collaborative effort of supporting children and families by service providers and childcare system managers is very rewarding and full of purpose.

I hope you are inspired and consider partnering with us on this journey toward childcare service modernization.

Childcare Connect Solutions
Event Registration & Attendance Manager (ERAM)
Children and families need to be supported by a system of responsive, high quality, accessible and increasingly integrated early years programs and services. The Childcare Connect™ Event Registration & Attendance Manager is a new tool exclusively designed to support service managers in the delivery of services.
Transforming childcare system legislation, policy & service management
Service System Manager

With a deep understanding of what is required, One Human Service Network is supporting modernization at all levels of the childcare system by providing well-designed information systems and dedicated support for residents, service providers and system managers.

Data enables systemic change. It provides meaningful insights which have a direct impact on service quality, customer satisfaction and service efficiency. Data is a key success factor so it is essential childcare systems not only have data, but the ability to manage data efficiently and purposefully – to ensure data completeness, quality and relevancy.

Vital to childcare system modernization is the ability to unify services and connect all the data points that exist – starting with parents and childcare service providers. This ensures parents and providers are able to contribute meaningful information while managing their fulfilment goals and maximize their potential to place children (i.e. connecting them via the most reliable data).

The Childcare Connect Service Manager Module provides an electronic means of collecting required data and information from service providers such as (but not limited to): budgets, program assessments and reviews related to quality, inventory and update staff qualifications, completion and storing of documentation (e.g. grant applications and reporting, wage enhancement forms, etc.) and other compliance related data.

The Future of Fee Subsidy – Paperless, Efficient, Online & Real-time
Fee Subsidy Manager

Features of the Fee Subsidy module include status notifications, electronic notifications to families, assists with identifying incomplete applications, duplicates, declined status, and provides reports for administration. With fee subsidy administration, additional functionality is available to caseworkers and management of subsidy applications including the view and update of subsidy application details, find and apply to program vacancies (if reported through the Vacancy Reporting Module), and view of applications to assist clients with prioritization. As well, the module allows for the prioritization of waitlists (configurable to policy), the ability to hold placements of new applicants when financials require a “frozen” status and the management of transfers.

Families have never experienced a more simple fee subsidy application
Through the Childcare Connect Find & Apply module, families applying for childcare are presented with the option to complete an online subsidy application by just selecting “Subsidy is Required”. Rather than going through the extensive process of phone calls and location visits to choose a childcare program, then going through another extensive process of phone calls and appointments with the childcare subsidy office, the Fee Subsidy Module will simplify it all with a step-by-step application wizard.

Modernize Access
Receive Quality Data
Deliver Better Childcare

Find & Apply
Helping Families Find & Apply for Care

The Find & Apply module is a solution specifically designed to help families easily find and apply to high quality regulated childcare in their community by matching their specific needs and preferences to available childcare services. Through a secure online account, parents are now able to connect with multiple childcare providers at the same time, self-manage their information in real-time according to their personal circumstances and needs.

This particular module is also designed to help childcare providers promote details about their programs, availability of vacancies, rates and quality through a trusted online source for parents to learn more about their programs and quality childcare. Providers are able to generate new leads and applications with minimal effort, manage their waitlists and contractual obligations.

Know Accurate Supply & Demand Data
The Childcare Connect Find & Apply module creates quality data by connecting families and providers on one integrated information platform. It reduces data duplication, administration of intake and waitlist management for providers, and improves the experience for parents seeking and applying to childcare. Managing communications with families from the time of application through to placement has never been easier. Critical data related to supply and demand for full fee and subsidized families is now available to administrators and funders to better inform serving planning and resource allocation to support further system approaches and modernization.
Care Manager

One Human Service Network (OneHSN) is now offering a solution on the Childcare Connect Platform called One Circle of Care to assist progressive governments in modernizing service systems. Imagine a fully integrated children’s service system capable of providing coordinated care for all children and families, using one human service record. A system where health information custodians delivering services such as mental health, infant development, autism etc. can all access and share client demographic information. A secure system whereby all agencies delivering a service to a client can access a client file.

The absence of centralized case management means families who require support to assist their child’s development currently face unnecessary challenges as they attempt to secure services from community agencies. Parents are often limited to business hours when contacting agencies if they wish to have their child assessed and/or served for possible special needs. They must research and contact each potential agency individually by phone, in person, possibly by email or by visiting their website and then are put on that agency’s independent waiting list for service. This process is duplicated for every agency they identify as a potential service to assist them. Likewise, no community-wide system exists for service planning, to coordinate care, facilitate referrals and accurately provide system wide data such as unique child and family counts, specific service type waiting times, wait times between service delivery, and case management referrals to outside agencies when needed.

With all agencies delivering services to families integrated on the Childcare Connect Platform, it is now possible for families to move seamlessly across jurisdictions, move between service providers, and be referred, or self-refer to the right service at the right time through a single-window – a true community portal experience.

Making The
Impossible – Possible

“Imagine an integrated service system where all health information custodians can access and manage appropriate health and non-health data, where each agency can monitor service referral, assessment and planning key performance indicators (KPIs).”
Where Childcare and Special Needs Services Connect
Special Needs Referral
The Childcare Connect Special Needs Referral Module is designed for families with children requiring access to support resources. The online, self-referral tool allows parents and guardians who feel their child are in need of assistance, to submit their requests to special needs agencies within their community, for further assessment and possible service. The Childcare Connect Special Needs Referral Module enables self-identification of concerns related to developmental, speech and language, behavior, physical and other concerns.
Efficient, Transparent, Sustainable
Vacancy Manager
The Childcare Connect Vacancy Manager solves a significant data challenge for service managers whereby they do not have current vacancy counts by program offered for each center they are responsible for. Today, providers typically use fax or emailed Excel and Word documents to list program vacancies. Service Manager staff must accumulate and calculate master vacancy reports on regular intervals and this tool brings staff time savings and efficiencies to the process.
Say goodbye to paperwork and spend more time with children and families
Centre Manager

OneHSN’s Childcare Connect Platform and Modules are leading the modernization of childcare with the assistance of technology – giving childcare centers a revolutionary and unified solution.

This module offers childcare providers that offers configuration options to manage child and family information in a variety of programs including: childcare centers, daycare providers, nursery schools, before (preschool) and after-school programs, school districts and/ or boards, gymnastics clubs, child activity centers and more.

This module supports:
Children & Family Records – Billing & Payments – Subsidy Reconciliation – Waiting List Management – Online Access for Parents – Attendance & Daily Reports to Parents – Reporting & Dashboards – Allergies & Immunization Reports – Satisfaction Surveys – Income Tax Receipts – and much more.
School Boards Need Solutions Too
Center Manager (Education)  
Childcare Connect now offers a Center Manager Module for schools. This module allows schools (extended day) and third party providers (before-and-after school) to streamline administration, assess viability, manage programs, staffing, and enhances the experience for parents by enabling communication of child’s schedule of care and assists with accurate planning and billing.

Kathryn O’Hagan-Todd
Vice President, Client Services
One Human Service Network

Client Services Update

Over the past year, One Human Service Network released a series of software updates to the OneHSN Childcare Platform (recently rebranded “Childcare Connect”) which delivers an enhanced experience for childcare system administrators, child care providers and parents.

As we rolled out our childcare solution, we asked you how we could help make your job easier… and you told us. We listened to suggestions and feedback from our over 2,500 child care providers and numerous service management partners. Our response was to deliver an improved and more meaningful user experience. Service managers and their staff, childcare providers and agencies involved with the delivery of early learning and care are all benefiting from the updates.

This update served as the cornerstone to a more comprehensive end-to-end solution for integrated service delivery. It offers seamless integration with OneHSN’s already available off-the-shelf solutions for special needs community referral, multi-agency coordinated care with integrated case management and single electronic client-file sharing, and tools for coordinated access, assessment, referral and event registry and attendance.

New modules soon to be released will round out the Childcare Connect Platform. The suite of modules include an application designed to support service system management responsibilities and a fully integrated solution for childcare centers and private home agencies to manage daily operations, reduce time spent on administration tasks, and enhance client communications.

OneHSN is responding to emerging needs in the child care service sector by providing the right solutions, at the right time, in a fast, efficient and cost-effective way. Our commitment is to help your organization attain efficiencies while providing personalized service.

Together we are building the most advanced childcare system in the world. We consider it a privilege to be partnered with you on this journey toward childcare system modernization.

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