The Future Of Care & Case Management

The OneHSN™ Care Manager is utilized by agencies that deliver multiple client-volunteered services.


Service Streams Using
OneHSN™ Care Manager

• Children’s Mental Health
• Children’s Central point of Access
• Adult Single Point of Access
• Adult Developmental Services
• Adult Passport Funding
• Children’s Mental Health/ Addictions
• Non-Mandatory Prevention Services
• Infant Development
• Regional Autism
• Respite Funding

Monitor Service Referral, Assessment & Planning KPI’s

Client Service Plans


Government Reporting

Service Closure Rates

Clients Individually & Aggregately

Agency, Staff & Service Wait Lists – Including Wait Times

Open Services Being Delivered

Unique Client Counts Across An Agency &/Or All Agencies

Referral Information, Client Contact & Meeting Notes

OneHSN Care Manager maintains client demographic information that is common and available to be shared by all the agencies utilizing the solution and only the agencies that are delivering a service to the client will have access to the client’s file.

OneHSN™ Care Manager is a major component of the OneHSN Platform technology suite of products supports a systems management approach to community integration and enables secure seamless services to clients. Importantly, it CONNECTS parents and families with children needing additional supports to service providers and provides important data and administrative capabilities to meet the provider’s system priorities. Consisting of components that can be added-on as the need for case management, service delivery and advanced service system planning reports develops, the OneHSN Care Manager allows service providers to respond to these new responsibilities. The Care Manager is designed to be highly configurable with actual content built using strategic partners.

The Care Manager was engineered as an integrated module to the OneHSN platform and provides an electronic means of collecting and submitting the Intake and Referral Form from parents/guardians, child care providers and resource agencies. Intake and on-going assessments, case notes, family plans and referrals to other community agencies are managed easily too.

The OneHSN Care Manager Offers The Following:

Internet based application under a software-as-a-service model

Single client file system that allows multiple and unlimited agencies working with the same client to share one common client record while meeting PHIIPA legislation requirements


An agency level sharing mechanism where each agency is able to configure which other agencies their staff have the capability of sharing client records with by utilizing the OneHSN Care Manager


A client level sharing mechanism where the agency user (with an appropriate role) can override the agency sharing setting and specifically for the client whether to share or not share and with whom

Record level sharing functionality that allows agencies to flag agency specific client information to be shared or not shared


Supports the process for a central intake point of access for all agencies with no door being the wrong door or can have one agency being the central point of access and referring clients internally through OneHSN Care Manager to other agencies (service care coordination)

Features Include:


Secure Access

• High level encryption used
• Control access mechanism that meets PHIPAA requirements
• All servers and data currently housed in secure data centre.


Document E-filing Capability

Ministry Detail Code & MIS Reporting

Client Demographics

• Address history
• Family information
• Parent/Guardian/Emergency contact information
• Sibling information
• Education information
• Day care information
• Client description information


Client Medical Information History

• Allergies
• Assistive devices
• Birth information
• Medications
• Diagnosis
• Doctors involved
• Surgeries
• Hospital stays
• International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD)

Export Interfaces With ACCPAC, Simply Accounting & Bank Transaction Software

Client Service Delivery Monitoring via:

Assign services to clients
• Client wait list management
• Assign staff to deliver the services
• Staff caseload management

Service delivery details
• Assessment
• Consultation
• Intervention
• Treatment plans

50+ Canned Reports

• With filtering configurations
• Date ranges & as-of dates
• Drop down selection

Referral Information & Intake Summary

Case Management

Meeting notes
Service Delivery Summary
Service Delivery Plans
• Family Service Plan
• Person-Centered Plan
Case supervision review
Case supervisor notes

Staff Time Entry

Record both client and non-client related time
• Configurable time activities
• Identify direct and non-direct client time

Group time entry that allows multi staff and/or multi clients to be entered with in one recording entry


Industry Standard Pick List Master Values With Agency Specific Configuration

Training Tracker Section

Record training sessions delivered or received by staff

Client Residential Service Delivery

• Developmental Services (DS) Adult and Child residential client management
• Resident staff access controls

Auditing That Can Report At Staff & Client Level

One Community.
One Record.

The OneHSN™ Care Manager is utilized by agencies that deliver multiple client-volunteered services with multiple sites in North and North Eastern regions of Ontario. Agency service streams that are using OneHSN Care Manager along with additional integrated modules include:

The OneHSN Care Manager is engineered so that clients do not have to repeat their story and go through an intake process each time they receive services from a different agency in their community. By having a single client record, their information is entered once and as they receive services from an agency, the agency’s service related information is added to the clients file. By adding the agency’s service the agency is given access to the client’s demographic information and any other shared information in the clients file.

Related Solutions:

OneHSN™ Special Needs Referral Manager

Designed for families with children requiring access to support resources. This online self-referral tool allows parents and guardians who feel their child is in need of assistance, to submit their request directly to special needs agencies within their community to initiate further assessment and possible service.

Through the integrated tool, all special needs agencies utilizing OneHSN can access client referral files via a secure online site where they are able to add contact notes, view assessment documents, and re-refer to other partner agencies.