Event Registration & Attendance Manager

A new solution for management of Early Years Child & Family Centres.
This solution can provide unique individual adult and children counts, which are almost impossible to obtain using the current manual sign in process.

Children and families need to be supported by a system of responsive, highquality, accessible and increasingly integrated early years programs and services. The Childcare Connect™ Event Registration & Attendance Manager is a new tool exclusively designed to support service managers in the delivery of services.

The event registry and attendance module is used to electronically create events and electronically collect attendance for each event. The system has a kiosk mode that allows adults attending with their children to register and sign in to the event. Once they register the first time they attend they can use their phone, key tab, sign in card or simply search their name to sign in to the event. The option that they will use to sign in is configurable.

The system is designed to work at a district level, meaning after the adult registers they can sign into any centre program within the district and the system will know who they are. The application processes all required government reporting requirements, which is cumbersome with current manual sign in paper sheets.

Event Registration & Reporting

The initial registration and sign up process is easy and the time saved on repeat visits by simply scanning a bar code makes the sign-up process simple and very efficient. Collecting addition information about each adult and child give program managers valuable statistics that they can now report on.

The system is configurable and program managers are able to identify the information that they want to collect for their installation. With the system being electronic and collecting email addresses gives the program managers a communication tool that they can use to communicate special events and welcome to the program emails which increase the attendance to events and makes the program more effective.

When creating and setting up events the system allows the administrator to identify if the event is a workshop or seminar or simply just a drop in program. Along with the attendance, center’s are required to report Referral and Protocol/Linkage information that are also recorded and maintained in the system.

In the kiosk mode, parents /caregivers register their visit at the center electronically using a “snap card‟ (the card that was issued upon registration with a barcode or photo thereof) which they place in front of a scanner each time they visit. This mode tracks attendance “live” for the duration of the program. It keeps track of who is attending when they are attending and where they are attending. Parents/caregivers can use their card at any center in the region and if they have forgotten their card they can search for their names or enter their card number.
The electronic tally sheet is similar to the status quo attendance system and allows for the data elements to be collected, without indicating who attended. The number of adults and children served and the number of adult and child visits is recorded. The tally sheet can also collect language, gender and child’s age information, and it can track professionals and “others‟ who attend programs.